Stop Surviving & Start Thriving

A 12-Week Customized Coaching Experience

with Carissa Magras

Overcome hidden trauma or past baggage that is getting in the way of who you desire to be and what you want to achieve.

How is Permission To Thrive different?


Your coping mechanisms and survival instincts have fused with their core identity, so the idea of “true freedom” feels a bit hazy, or at the very least, like a mythical creature that doesn’t really exist.

Which is why we get clear on what “thriving” looks like for you, and create an individualized map that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

No more cookie-cutter processes that are hit-or-miss for your specific needs. Carissa creates a customized path for each client, so this program is designed uniquely around you (unlike other programs which force you to follow their pre-determined path whether it’s what you need or not).


For as long as you can remember, your past has felt like an extra obstacle (and an unfair hurdle). You’ve chosen to reject a victim mentality, but you still have to battle lies and patterns that most people don’t have to face.

Your story doesn’t disqualify you from healing, success, and freedom – in fact, it gives you a uniquely powerful perspective and a hidden advantage. You are strong, you’re resilient, you’re empathetic, and you’re going to be unstoppable.

You simply need to relieve your survival-self and restore your thriving-self’s voice, desires, and power. Carissa’s program makes this easier and faster than you ever imagined.


Inner-transformation has felt like something that’s belonged to someone else – someone without your story, your trauma, or your inner battles. And so “mindset work” has felt like more work, more broken promises, and more B.S.

Which is why Permission to Thrive is NOT simply “mindset coaching!”

 Many clients consider themselves “mindset experts” already, but are still struggling with self-defeating patterns and internal hurdles.

The work we do together taps into your subconscious, helps you rewrite the stories from your past that have been sabotaging your success, and unlocks clarity, confidence, and inner-peace.

My Approach

(i.e. what clients can expect)


Over the last 18 years of doing my own inner-work and coaching high-performing artists, I have personally developed over 30 unique and specialized exercises which have been proven again and again to result in permanent, life-changing breakthroughs and transformation.

With a highly sensitive and attuned intuition, I am known for seeing things others can’t, and connecting seemingly unrelated dots, in order to get to the root problem so we are addressing the core (not outer layers), once and for all.

Combining these proven tools with my highly intuitive coaching abilities ensures my clients don’t waste time on things that don’t work or are unnecessary for their specific challenges, personality, and situation. Therefore, each client’s path in the program is customized to your individual needs, so you get the fastest relief and the greatest results possible.


“When I took the leap to reach out to Carissa, I was burnt out in my job, with no idea how to get out, while quietly hoping that one day I could pursue my bigger dreams that always seemed too big to achieve.

Being burnt out and overstretched in a job is exhausting. The stress affected every area of my life – my marriage, my relationship with my children, my health and my spiritual well-being. I was empty and going through the motions without a plan to make a change.

I cannot explain how transformational it was to work with Carissa. I have worked with multiple therapists, attended spiritual retreats, and read numerous self-help books in the hope of overcoming past trauma. Some of those activities helped, some of them were short term band-aids, and some of those were simply a waste of time. Working with Carissa, however, was far and away one of the best investments of my life.

Carissa helped me identify that my fundamental blind spot was my view of self. Because of my abilities and accomplishments, it was hard for others and myself to recognize how warped my self-image was. But deep at my core, I was still fighting the messages that childhood and even adult trauma ingrained in me.

Carissa’s coaching and her program fundamentally changed my outlook on life in a way that I did not understand was possible. I have more self-confidence, I have more patience and joy as a mother, and I was able to walk away from a stress-filled job and begin to pursue my long-held career goals.

I didn’t know what to expect from coaching, and I was nervous making such a big investment, especially with someone I barely knew. I am so grateful I went with my gut and joined Carissa’s program. Both Carissa and her program far exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend her or her program highly enough.”

C. Copley


Permission To Thrive

right for you?

NOTE: Permission to Thrive is not for everyone.

If you are struggling with suicidal ideation, self-injury, destructive addiction, or a debilitating mental health diagnosis, please seek immediate help from a caring licensed medical professional.

✔ You are committed to making necessary changes in your life.
✔ You value honesty, integrity, and personal ownership, even when it’s hard.
✔ You know what you want in life, but you aren't sure how to get there and need help releasing the inner-guilt, self-doubt, and condemning self-talk.
✔ You’ve tried a lot of things (self-help books, therapy, affirmations, CBD oil, etc.), but you want a specialized coach to help you break through the barriers while providing accountability, insight, and true lasting change.
✔ You feel like “a hot mess” and are ready to go from surviving to thriving in your career, business, relationships, life, and how you treat yourself.

“I was in a job that I liked, but it didn’t provide me with the life I truly wanted. I wanted freedom and the opportunity to impact people on a much larger scale. I was trying to learn the “secret” on how to escape my 9-5, while still providing for my family.

I felt stuck and could tell it was impacting me in other areas of my life too! I was double-minded, trying to balance my full-time gig and the one that I truly wanted.

Carissa, with one question, changed my perspective on my situation. By simply asking me when I was was going to take the next step (and sharing her personal journey) gave me the confidence to take the leap on my own.

I was able to quit my job am now happily doing what I love…helping other kids find their passion and using their natural strengths and abilities to reach their full potential.

Carissa has a heart of gold and is 100% in your corner. She truly cares about your results. In a world where so much fake authenticity exists, Carissa embodies a selfless persona…and I can’t recommend her enough!”

Richard H.

What Permission to Thrive is NOT:

  • This is not merely inspiration, training, or information. In fact, you probably already feel like a mindset expert in a lot of ways. But you’re not sure how to bring the philosophical ideas and beliefs into your own reality… this is where Permission to Thrive comes in.
  • This is not traditional mindest work, like affirmations, rituals, and journaling. While you aren’t against these things, you’re tired of doing routine tasks that don’t actually get you where you want to be (and just add more to your daily to-do list). You aren’t interested in busywork, you’re looking for honest-to-goodness transformation.
  • This is not a cookie-cutter program. You want a custom experience wrapped into a proven framework. 
  • This is not a “pass or fail” program. Your worst nightmare is failure, looking stupid, messing up, and not meeting your own sky-high expectations – so you’re not looking for something else to fail or to feel insecure about. You want a judgment-free zone where your success is inevitable.

How do I get started?



One our company values is “Radical Integrity”, which means we will only recommend Permission to Thrive if we are 100% confident you will get the help and results you’re looking for. This is why it’s imperative for Carissa to talk to you personally to make sure the program is a good fit. See below to schedule.




After your call with Carissa, you will receive a welcome email with two in-house assessments which will help customize the program to your individual needs, ensuring your success during our work together.



Once Carissa reviews your assessments and maps out your unique program plan, you will then schedule your 12 coaching calls and receive special access to your specific assignments & exercises, in a carefully prescribed order, according to your Destination Map.

What is my investment?

1-to-1 Customized Coaching Program

Twelve-week program with weekly one-hour+ coaching calls with Carissa, online training portal (with videos, exercises, and print-outs), and unlimited access to email & Voxer voice messaging support.


per month x 3-months


February: 1 Slot Open

March: FULL

“When I came to Carissa I was struggling with not doing enough things to bring me joy, expecting others to make me happy, negative self-talk. I was a shell of a human. I was exhausted, unhappy, unfulfilled, and resentful.

After working with Carissa, EVERYTHING changed! I cannot believe the changes I’ve been able to make in my mindset, my inner dialog, my relationships with others and most of all, my ability to finally be the sole person to rely on to make me happy.

I’m more at peace than ever before. I understand peace is not perfection. I allow myself more grace than ever to be human. I fill my days with more joy – joy that’s all about me. I am stronger in my relationships because I am my own champion.

My advice to those on the fence? Trust and jump in! Be ready to work hard and see amazing results. Be ready to discover someone on this planet who is empathetic, compassionate, loving, kind, wicked smart, funny, and beautiful in all ways. Be ready for someone who will PUSH you, but in all the right ways. Be ready to be amazed by what you’re able to do.

Invest in yourself. If you’re on the fence about the money, spend it. It will be the best money you ever spent. It will come back to you twofold or more. I now have more clients, more confidence, more joy than ever before and there is no price you can put on any of that.”

Heather L.

😅 Carissa’s Peace-of-Mind Guarantee 😅

In my experience, it seems like most coaches and service providers talk a lot of hype and know how to push our “hope buttons”, but rarely deliver as promised. In fact, most seem to leave people disappointed and disillusioned, making it difficult to trust again. #BeenThereDoneThat

I’m not here to add to those statistics. I’m here to change them.

Which is why I guarantee that if you’re not completely thrilled with our work together, you get your money back.

Still Have Questions?