“We can’t change the first few chapters of our lives, but we can take back the pen and write our best story.”

 Just because we didn’t get to choose our childhood, our parents, or our upbringing, doesn’t mean we have to let those things dictate our adulthood.

Growing up with an abusive dad, and experiencing sexual and emotional abuse well into my twenties, I know all too well the battle that must be fought for one’s inner freedom.

In working on myself and in working with countless others over the years, I discovered that when people no longer feel trapped to their past, then they have the confidence and ability to create whatever life they desire – free of stress, guilt, and shame… and full of peace, freedom, connection, and maximum achievement.

Every person – no matter their age – deserves that opportunity. 

And that’s what my writing, speaking, and coaching programs provide: giving people tangible hope and empowering them to live life uninhibited.

I believe the world is a better place because you’re in it, so welcome, my friend.

Life is a beautiful, intense journey, and I’m here to help you enjoy the ride.


17 years ago I walked into Erika’s room at the psychiatric hospital where we were both patients, to let her know it was time for group therapy. She was sitting silently on her bed, cutting her left wrist with a blade she had sneaked in, taped underneath the face of her watch.


I didn’t ask her to stop. I didn’t even take the blade away. I simply asked what happened.

“My psychiatrist said I’m acting like a bitch,” she replied.


My heart sank for this 16-year old girl and all she had been through, while simultaneously becoming infuriated with the one professional whose duty it was to help her instead of pushing her further to harm.


I talked to Erika and as a result she stopped hurting herself. Me, the other 16 year old, who didn’t have a doctorate degree, and had my own set of wrist scars.


That day I was overcome with a responsibility, a passion and relentless drive, to help people like Erika find hope, peace, freedom, and relief from their past so that they can become all they desire and dream of; the person they were created to be before they were abused, neglected, or experienced trauma.


At that time I was in no position to trade the therapist’s couch for the therapist’s chair, so I became my own guinea pig and went on to spend the rest of my life learning psychology and helping people in various ways break free from their past and restore themselves to the person inside who is able to thrive – not just survive.


From earning my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology, to writing for “To Write Love On Her Arms”, to getting a jewelry design patent for raising money to help people who couldn’t afford therapy, to helping impact-driven authors market their books so their messages would help change lives for the better, to now writing my own books and coaching high-performers who have overcome against all odds but still need an outside perspective to keep them from getting stuck so they can be – and achieve – all they envision…


Everything I have done – professionally and personally – over the last 17 years, since walking into Erika’s room that day, has been for the purpose of empowering people to find hope and obtain freedom so their past doesn’t win.


I’ve always been an open book, sharing my experiences and insights with anyone who would benefit. I’ve never been ashamed of what I’ve lived through. I’ve always believed in sharing the things most people want to hide, in order to help others maneuver their way through life more easily and more successfully.


If my sharing helps people not struggle or suffer needlessly, then it’s my responsibility and my joy to do so.


It brings me great fulfillment to have find my own way out of hell-on-earth, and have the privilege of showing people the shortcut (the “secret door”) so they, too, can live the life they’ve dreamed of but –  until now – has remained constantly just out of reach.



Our past does not have to dictate our reality or define our identity.


Hope is real. Help is here.